FTD Email Template Rebuild
The Problem
As FTD is re-evolving its brand, being the floral leaders of the industry, the emails needed to be on trend and up to date. From observation, current emails are very promotional and only focus on getting that sale out.
There are no stories or emotion to make it personable or relatable. I was tasked to come up with flexible, updated templates that told stories while promoting the products that our partners can choose from.
In return this gave the team a more efficient process in designing emails.
Old Promotional Email
The Process
I started to research different email trends on milled.com and came across several brands like bloom & wild, warby parker, the bouqs co., fenty and more. Usage of gifs and mood boards were a huge trend. From observation the usage of lifestyle imagery, patterns, textures and icons gave these emails a personal
and emotional touch.
I divided each email into components having 4 total flexible templates. The idea is that the partner can choose from any component when requesting a job. The designers then would create the look and feel for that email using those templates and components.
Creative Examples
Two of the templates were more promotion based but kept an emotional feeling to it and the other two were more story-telling brand focused. I used lifestyle imagery, gifs to switch out products so the user did not have to scroll as much and incorporated the brands promise to reiterate that we are accountable. Again, by having different components within each email, designers can work with partners to pick and choose what is necessary.
Creative Director: Josefa Speiss
Designer: Mackenzie Rollins
Copywriter: Kristi Struck

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